Friday, March 22, 2013

Skirt for Me or a Window Accent?

I have such a fabric addiction. Good for me but not me storage space or my wallet! I bought some fabric last week with the intent to make a fold over clutch with it, but then decided that maybe it would be better used for something else?

 I really like the navy trend that is going on now, I think I have like 4 new navy blue colored shirts in my closet. Whoops! Anyways, the fabric I got was this:

 I wish it came in navy and mint but I can't seem to find that anywhere!

At first I thought it was too coarse for a skirt, but then I thought, well it may be perfect?! Maybe?
I really don't know, this is going to be a trial and error type of scenario.

 It's described as: "Screen printed on cotton duck , this versatile, medium weight fabric is perfect for window accents" Hmm.... Maybe I don't want to wear a window panel as a skirt? --- Yikes!

But wait, lets just try this..... Come back to see if I was successful, or if I needed to try something else! ;)

I love cliff hangers, don't you?


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