Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ruffled Bottom Sun Suit Romper

It took all my will power not to title the post Ruffle Butt Sun Suit! He he he .... I always called them "Ruffle Butts", but maybe in blog world "bottom" is a more appropriate word? I have no idea what the etiquette is BUT I will shout- I LOVE RUFFLE BUTTS! Whether they are on a pair of bloomers, or the back of pants or on a sun suit I love them. End of story, done. It was actually one of the many things I thought about when I was pregnant with Emmie.  "Oh my gosh I can make her ruffle butts!"

Hannah is too old for them, so I plan on totally going all out with ruffles this summer for Em, after all, she is the perfect age for them! She will be 1 on June 8th and I am so excited to dress her in all sorts of fun stuff this summer.
I couldn't stand waiting any longer to put something together with ruffles on the bottom, so what did I do? I scoured Etsy for a fun pattern! I thought I could have maybe drafted the pattern myself but I have a lot of friends with little girls that may be interested in these and I wanted to have a nice pattern to use to get sizes super accurate so I could add them to the shop.
When I came across this pattern, from littlelizardking on etsy. I had to have it. I contacted the seller and asked about the pattern pieces. I despise don't like to print a ton of pattern pieces. I like a pattern that I can print on one page and the rest are measurements that are provided. I am kinda lazy when it comes to keeping my patterns tidy so I like the one pagers! Wow, was I in luck here, - this pattern only had one piece AND there was no shirring involved.
I have a Brother sewing machine that I love dearly but she can't shirr so well, honestly she totally  sucks at it. So I prefer to go the elastic casing route!
I am SO ecstatic at the results:

I love the vintage-y feel of it!

I am also quite pleased with my fabric choices. They were really just fabric that I was like, "I don't really like you, not sure why you are in my stash, but I want to try this pattern out and you'll have to do."

By the way,- babies are WAY hard to photograph. At one point, I had to hide her Binky's to get her to kneel like this.

She is a mover and a shaker these days. I know she is thinking - "Mom, I am outta here!"


On your mark, get set, go!!!!!

Ahh, here we go- sittin pretty for the camera! Could you not eat those chunker legs? I love her so!

So what do you think? Would you put your girly in one of these? If you all are interested I will add some to the shop! I just can't resist them! I think I may make her one in every size so I can eat up all the ruffles as long as possible.


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