Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Half & Half Leggings

The other day I saw some kids leggings online that were so cute. I have NO idea what they are really called. They were just leggings but the bottom half of them was a different fabric and made them look like leg warmers.  They were embellished with little buttons on the side too.
Genius idea!
 I thought,


like Gru says "LIGHTBULBBBBBBBBB" in Despicable Me, I had an idea. (insert song Fun, Fun, Fun)...

I literally JUST cleaned out my closet and was about to give away this wretched red and navy striped turtle-neck shirt thing. I'm not sure when it was "in style" but it was about to get a new home, G.
Willy. Sick. What is that shirt even? Yowza!

AND I remembered that Hannah was "playing the kitty" at school and got a hole in some of her good black GAP leggings. I was SO not happy about that.


This was the perfect scenario. I have all of the stuff I need to make some of these cute leggings that look like your kid is wearing leg warmers but without the extra layer! Just built in cuteness. You all know I love accessories but sometimes leg warmers on top of leggings are too hot for little girls who run and play all day!
 This literally took me 15 minutes. It would have taken less if I didn't have to watch a manic 9 month old who was crawling all over the house at the time.
All I did was cut off the bottom half of the leggings that had a hole in them. Then I matched the part I cut off to the sleeves on the shirt, and cut the sleeves the same length. Then, I just sewed right sides together, matching up raw edges. I used a tight zig zag stitch b/c I was working with knit.
 Crazy stuff I tell ya! - Slips all over the place!

 (Oh and I forgot to mention the sleeves were the perfect width for the leggings. If you end up trying this and your kid is smaller you might need to find a long sleeve shirt that has sleeves that match the width of your kids leggings.)

 It was perfect because the hem on the sleeves were already done for me- no extra step there for this mamma!

Once done, I sewed on the buttons by hand, (I let the kiddo pick the thread color so she could contribute) and had some awesome new leggings! We named them the Half & Half Leggings.
You will come to find out, that around our house normal things get wild and crazy, wacky names. That's how we roll.  

Now I kinda want to go threw all of her leggings and make them all look like this..... hmmm... better wait until she gets holes in them again, right? We'll see!


Here she is giving the camera some tude.


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