Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 Forever21 Tanks Became...

I often get questions from friends who want to sew, but don't really yet and have basic questions about how much fabric they might need for a project. Some of my friends are seriously afraid of the cutting counter at Joann's and other fabric stores. Maybe it's because they are always in a rush to cut your fabric and not too interested in helping....whoops, that wasn't nice now was it?

Well this one is super simple to figure out! You don't have to go to a cutting counter. Nope- no sir.
Want to make a dress for $7.60?
I used this tutorial here to make this adorable knit dress for Hannah. I wasn't able to make it to the fabric store and was out at forever21 for some fun shopping.
I came across these awesome tanks that they sell at Forever21 for a minimal $3.80 each!!! I picked up a few because even the 3X tanks were $3.80!!! Insanely cheap! (You gotta buy the 3X to get the most bang for your buck.)
The best part is that I only needed two of these to make my girl this dress! I picked up 3 total and used 2 for Hannah's dress that I made in a size 5- I sized up the pattern in the tutorial. I used the other tank for the bottom of a color block tunic for me!!!!
So awesome because I was not only able to get this knit for super cheap, but I was able to make two items, and also use the existing hem from the shirt for the bottom of the dress and the bottom of my tunic!

Win, win, win!

Excuse my math there, I am 40 cents off. Whoops. I am not a mathematician! Sheesh! 

Isn't it cute?
 (Sorry for the TP in the back round, a girl's gotta do, to get a good pic of herself!) I made my tunic using an existing one I had, just turned it inside out and made my own pattern. It was a little hard to hem the arm holes and around the neck, I intend to try something different next time but I really love it!
Hannah loves hers too!

 I think she is going to use the dress for a cover-up this summer at the pool!

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