Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hi! Don't be mad at my mommy!!!!! She is SO sorry that she hasn't been here in so long!!!

 Ahhh my sweet girl, - I had to start off today with her!

As you know we are moving, and trying to sell our home AND we both work full time. We close on our new house in exactly a month. My mind is running on high gear and I am trying to take care of a million things at once!
BUT I do have a treat for you- a BIG TIME SALE in my etsy shop. Go HERE!!!
I am offering 25% off anything... and that includes your entire order! You don't have to spend a minimum either... just go there, pick out something you want, add it to your cart, and at check out enter code MOVING20 and you will get 25% off your order, (excluding shipping)

It is an excellent time to get some goodies for summer... dresses are perfect for summer photo sessions AND pictures when you are on vacation. This picture was from our trip to Hilton Head, SC last year.... LOVE!
Head on over and treat yourself!
  So just so you know what I have swirling in my head, amidst all other design things I want to do to my new home..... I have so many new things I want to sew and show you too! I am half way into a fold over clutch, want to make some adorable bubble shorts that everyone and their brother is making on Instagram, and I also wanted to make my mom and mother-in-law a few quilted mug rugs, but guess what... this lady is spent. I am emotionally and physically exhausted from the moving process, oh and duh I have two little girls to tend to too!  So all that stuff is on hold but I promise as soon as July is here and we are settled in a bit I will get back into showing you some awesome stuff.
It's been a ride to sale the least, (haha, to SALE the least....get it?) but no pain no gain right?

P.S. here is some baby cuteness for you- Emmie just turned 11 months, and is SUCH a sweetie-pie these days!

XOXO- Lauren