Sunday, January 19, 2014

Project Run and Play - Week 3- Repurposing

Well, that was a challenge. I don't normally refashion, or repurpose items. Part of what I love about sewing/creating, is searching for fabrics, and shopping for cool notions. I don't spend much time in my closet or in the thrift stores looking for things to change. Nothing against it, I just don't do much of it, and when I do, its usually a fail.
So, it took me a while to figure out what I was going to do for this weeks challenge. I thought about it... and thought about it,.... pictured lots of different looks in my head and nothing really seemed to come together.

I did find this old white shirt in Hannah's closet that I think came with a jumper of sorts, and I have always hated the ruffle sleeves. So this was my starting point.

I also asked the husband if he had any items in his closet he wanted to get rid of. He is always taking items to the GW and reorganizing his closet. He gave me this item.
An old black gap button down... knit.
I am into collars these days, so I cut the collar off the black shirt and attached it to the neck of the white shirt.
 I also removed those awful ruffle sleeves (so 2012!) and added some pink contrasting bands to the sleeves and the bottom band.
I wanted this top to turn into more of a dress/tunic. To do this I just cut one band of pink knit fabric, (that I picked up from Hobby Lobby ages ago) and folded it right sides together, sewed and then turn the raw edges to the inside and sewed it around the bottom of the shirt. Note: I made the band smaller then the width of the white shirt. I pulled the pink fabric as I went along so it would be a better fit. It worked out really nicely. Sometimes when you do this to store bought knit shirts, it can pucker and bubble but as long as you stretch the band and NOT the shirt you are sewing it to, it should work out great.
I also made these little leather shoes with some vegan leather I lad left over from making some pouches. I love these shoes! Surprisingly my girl keeps them on, and cries when I take them off. I guess they are comfortable? Either that, or she just likes the way they look!
I loathe making shoes but I knew they would come out cute, so I didn't mind this particular pair. I used a little pattern I bought in a cute etsy shop called Winterpeach. I tried to use a few different colors (blue, white, green inner, and hot pink elastic),  in the shoes so they didn't look like the basics you can get everywhere for toddlers.
I think the whole look came together nicely, despite my repurposing disabilities. I should have added a low belt of some sorts (around the hips, where the white meets the pink) but I might go back and do that later.
Um yeah, I have no idea what she was doing here....
She is kind of a goofy kid.... a REALLY goofy kid....
So, this part is an add on........ I did not intend to keep this in the post but thought I might explain what happened.
I also wanted to try to make a cape. Um, this is exactly why I don't repurpose stuff. I think this is a total EPIC FAIL.
 I had a piece of kelly green corduroy and then the body of the black shirt. I just winged it with cutting out a circle, but I should have cut a deeper neck on it. I used the corduroy for the main fabric and then the black as the lining. I suppose it could be reversible. But black doesn't look that great on Emmie so I decided to go with the green. Yuck. It clashes with the shoes. Not good.  
This did not work out. It's like toddler Robinhood gone bad. What was I thinking with this combo?
I had to show you one pic because I did make it,  and I guess it would be ok with maybe a cute plaid skirt or some leggings and a plain top. It's just not cool with the look I was going for here. 
So I am just going to exclude it, K?  Judges... please don't judge me on the cape! I know it sucks!
Here are a few more pictures from our photo shoot.
Toddlers are so hard to photograph. I had to give her marshmellows.
She's like, ok are we done?
Thanks for taking the time to read through this weeks post!
XOXO- Lauren

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's Go to the Movies! - Shirley Temple Style - Project Run & Play Week 2 - 2014

Shirley Temple inspired this cute little frock/tunic/long shirt type dress item I came up with.
Instead of doing her typical "Good Ship Lollipop" attire --- nautical-ish.  Or the crazy Toddlers and Tiaras look, (the one where she is wearing that awful white with red polka dot fluff dress), I decided to dig deeper into her photos and chose a sweet little number that I thought would look great on my kiddo. 
Hannah vs. Shirley 
 I don't have much time to sew these days so when I do I want the end result to be something my girl can wear again.
Shirley Temple is SUCH a little cutie....
I have been wanting to try a more vintage item for my daughter for a long time, I just never could decide which style and hadn't come across a pattern that I liked OR looked easy to read. But then, I came across this photo, as I was researching what I wanted to do for PR&P week 2. SOLD!  
I have looked into purchasing a "real" vintage pattern on Etsy but then I thought to myself, "why buy one of those when you can just use a simple A-line bodice and add the vintage details with your own skillz." :) 
I am sure glad I tried because I am so proud of what I ended up with.
Ever get into one of those moods when you just want to dive in on a project and be creative and hope it works? Well, this was one of those times, and I have to say it worked! My grandmother who taught me how to sew when I was younger, (she will be 95 this month!!!) told me a few weeks ago, "take a chance!" -- Now I am trying to use that philosophy more in my sewing adventures.    
I did have to do some figuring out on the collar of this dress.... I originally was not going to attach it but then I was like what the heck, (?!?) -  how is my kid going to keep it on straight unless its sewn on.
 The collar is just an angled piece of plain pink linen, and I sewed on some twine at each corner when I was sewing the collar right sides together- I didn't have a pattern for this and drafted the collar myself. It ended up a tad short so I just cut it in half and sewed it on so it would lay evenly across her shoulders.  Why twine you ask? .....I didn't have any
ribbon that I liked in house. Oh and one other thing - you might notice that I made the collar a little more pointed than the one in Shirleys picture. True Peter Pan collars kinda rub me the wrong way.... only can tolerate them in small doses. hehehe 
As you can see I did a very short version of this frock. I think if I make another it will be a tad longer... but this one is cute with leggings, and I am sure Hannah will wear it again.
To construct the dress I used an old bodice pattern and just extended it.  I didn't make it too long in order to stick with the integrity of the style of the dress, which was super short. I also added flutter sleeves. I did the sleeves by folding a piece of fabric 3 inches by about 12, in half, wrong sides together, and then gathering it along the raw edge. Then I pinned the raw edges of the sleeve to the outside of the bodice arm holes. Once those were pinned on, I sewed on the lining like I would any other dress of this style. (once the sleeves are sew together at the shoulders, you sew the whole bodice right sides to right sides, liner to main fabric).
   It was super easy, you just sew it together like you would any bodice and lining, just keep the flutters sleeves tucked in while sewing the bodice together... I never did this before in all my dress making years but it was so easy, and looks so cute on! 
 I cannot believe how much she looks like Shirley!

Want to know what this photo shoot cost me? --- Hannah isn't into modeling much these days, but I told her if she took a few pictures I would give her 2 bucks, AND a cookie--- She was VERY happy with that!
I didn't think that I was going to get very good photos from this session, but my little beauty did an awesome job on this one. She looks so elegant, and so sweet.... just like Shirley! I think some of these are going to be framers..... (even though this isn't Hannah's natural hair state). It took us about a half an hour curl all of that hair!!!!!
Just a little side note: I used a lot of  variations of color when editing each picture. I played around a bit in Picasa with these photographs, and it just made the vintage feel come through even stronger.
Look at those lashes!  
This one has a bit of an Instagram feel.... love it though.
 Thanks for reading all! I am so glad I had time to put this little number together.
Happy Sewing!
XOXO- Lauren

Thanks again Hannah! You are a doll!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Run and Play Week One- Winter Wonderland

Ok I am sorry AGAIN for being MIA but my little etsy shop  has been on the move. I was recently given an opportunity to send some items to an amazing hand made shop in Austin, Texas, Limbo Jewelry Design. You can find them here. More on that later, but, that's why I have not been in the blog world much lately. AND the holidays are just so dang much when you work full time, have two kids and run a little shop!
But I did put together a few accessories for PR&P for this weeks theme. Some of you may know my little Emmaline is SUCH a fan of headbands... she hates clips and bows but if I put a headband on her she seems to keep it on for hours!
 I think its because I put them on her shortly after she was born and never really stopped. I have seen these little knot headbands around, and decided I needed to figure out how they were constructed... turns out after pulling my hair out and throwing away a few attempts they are not that hard!
I wanted the headband to be one continuous piece and I also wanted the knot to be attached.... not one of those tie on types... which are totally great, don't get me wrong but I also wanted to keep her little ears warm if it was too warm out for a hat but she still needed something on her head.... so here is what I came up with:
Then of course my signature infinity scarf was made to match! She loves wearing scarves too! I am such a lucky mom to have a gal that loves accessories! I had to beg Hannah to wear this stuff!
 I think the black and white contrasting colors on a kiddo is SO adorable and classy!
Also, as you can see you can put the knot in the back and leave the headband as one straight band across the top. I think these are SO cute.
They are made from high quality knit from EurogirlsBoutique on Etsy. Fabulous little shop if you ever want some very high quality knits!
Here we go with the out takes..... blah!
Mug shot.... what's she in for? ---- throwing her cherrios on the floor and smashing them on purpose!
Mom, can I be done now?
The serious side of Emmaline.
Ok I guess this isn't half bad.
 Thanks for reading....  I hope to be able to post in next weeks theme!

XOXOX- Lauren