Friday, March 29, 2013

Drawstring Skirt Tutorial

I really love this knit chevron fabric. It is super easy to sew with and not too pricey. 
I really wanted something chevron for myself for this summer but the stuff they have at Target and Macy's just wasn't what I was looking for, AT ALL.
So what did I do? I got out the last forever21 tank I had, and used it with some of this really awesome chevron knit and came up with my own drawstring (lined) skirt!

 If you can sew a straight line, (almost all sewing is a straight line), you just have to know how to put your pieces together, you can do this!!

You might remember that orange and navy print I showed you last week but ONE- I didn't have enough of that for this project and TWO- I decided I wouldn't be comfortable in that type of fabric, and its hard to wash.
So here is how I made my comfty knit drawstring skirt.

First I decided that the width of the tank I already had would be perfect for the width of the skirt. I measured it up against my chevron-knit, and cute 2 squares the same size. I am not picky about matching up the zig zags so I just cut, don't worry - it will still look cute if it doesn't match up.

An easy way to figure out what will fit you (I hate taking measurements of myself) is just to put the tank or t-shirt on that you have for the bottom band, and see if it is roomy enough for around your hips. This tank was pretty big on me but it hasn't been washed yet and knit shrinks so I think it will be a little better fitting once washed. 

Then I decided on length. I have an old favorite skirt that I often wear in the summer and it hits more at my mid calf. So I laid that up against my 2 chevy-squares, and then added the band across the bottom for some contrast. I used the bottom of the F-21 tank so I wouldn't have to finish the edges. I also allowed for 2 inches at the top (where it is folded down in the picture) so that I had room for the drawstring casing, and about an inch or so for seam allowance of the contrasting band.

After those are all cut up you would add 2 button holes, or if you don't want to to that with knit because it is tricky and slippery you can just cut two small slits in the middle of the top piece about 2.5 inches down. (It shouldn't fray, but you might want to test your knit!)
THEN I decided that the chevron alone was too thin for a regular skirt so I cut 2 more squares of fabric the same size as the chevron pieces, that would be used for a lining. If I didn't use lining this would be more of a little cover-up skirt for the pool or beach, which changes the process a bit but I am sure you can figure that out (just add a casing at the top). 
 I think this is cute for running errands, or out for a little lunch date so I needed a lining and who wants to wear a slip in the summer? Dude, no way! Not me!

Then all you do is sew right sides together along the widths of your lining and right sides together with your main fabric. I really wanted to add pockets, but as always I was short on time and just opted for the quick solution.
This next part is tricky BUT you will thank me after you see this. It was one of those "light bulb" sewing moments that I figured something out that makes this whole process so easy! (It can be done 2 ways but this way was how I did it and got a pic).
You sew the top edges of the skirt right sides together (if you use a solid it won't matter, so don't stress out), then once sewn- FLIP the lining inside of the skirt. Make the lining fall about 1-2 inches down,......then.... 

Sew a casing around the top of the skirt. remember those slits or button holes you put in at the very beginning, you can see them below. You can just sew the casing all the way around UNDERNEATH IT, because you already have an opening to put the drawstring in. MAKE SURE YOU SEW UNDER the button holes or you will be really mad at yourself!
A note about the drawstring, I didn't have that rope stuff that is usually in these skirts so I just took about a 1 inch strip off the selvage edge and stretched it out then put a safety pin on the end and cased it threw the button hole. You can see my button holes here:

Here is a picture of the casing being sewn.... easy!!!!

OK- now it will look like this..... EVERYTHING IS ENCASED WHOOOP WHOOOP!!!! I always love that because it is SO professional. This skirt would be like $45 bucks, or more in one of the top retailers or cute boutique!
Now you can either stop here and hem, or you can add a contrasting band to the bottom of the skirt. I opted for the contrasting band because I am loving this shade of teal right now and it gives me more options for what I can wear as a top with this!  

To add the band I used the bottom of that tank  (the widths were already sewn together) in the first few steps this was why you made your main pieces the same size as the band) just make sure that your fabric is cut the same size as the main fabric and then sew right sides together, only on the outside fabric, leave the lining alone here, just push it up so you don't sew into it when adding the band. I used a 1/2 seem allowance here, and top stitch when done.

THEN, OH MY GAWWWWSH, you have an amazingly A-dorbs skirt! You can do this with old t-shirts, brand new knits, add side inseam pockets, or just keep it simple and make it a classic one color item. I want to try this again with linen,  and then make the lining a comfty soft knit.

 I LOVE IT!!! When I first posted some pics of it on INSTAGRAM (You can follow me at Laurosario) I got SO many compliments, and people that wanted them- so sweet!

I may have taken too many pics of myself, oops.
So there you have it!!

I know I am going to be making a mini of one of these too with my left over fabric, Hannah already said, "That is so pretty can I have a matching one?!"

  Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be glad to help you!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Run and Play- Week One Sew Along

This week starts the first week in Project Run and Play. I don't know too much about it, but loved the themes they had going on so I decided to try to sew along for this one. I am not sure I can do the rest but this theme was F-U-N.

 The theme was "Inspired by Art."
"Choose an artist, art movement, or artwork and create a children's look inspired by your choice."

 Not only do I love art, but I love history and I love a challenge.

I have always liked Pablo Picasso. Really just liked, not so much love. He was pretty amazing. I can identify with him as he changed so much throughout his creative career. I feel like I have changed creatively so much in the last few years.

Anywho, when I came across this painting I thought it might just be perfect for this weeks theme.
It is called "Woman in a green hat"
He painted it in 1947.

What else came out in full force in the 1940's?

 None other then the fantastic peplum top/skirt.

This all fell together nicely because I have been wanting to try to make a dress/top with a peplum skirt.

Here were my results.

The "Pablo Inspired Peplum."
I just so happened to have a few fat quarters left of some if this Amy Butler fabric and it was the perfect color to go with my inspiration. I paired it with black for the underskirt which is connected to the top, (so you could say this is a dress; one of those tricky, is it a dress or a top outfits??!!) and used the black on the back for some contrast. There is also a pretty detail in the front, with the added contrasting yolk. The back also has some spiffy patchwork across the bottom of the peplum. And the back bodice closes with a cute overlay. 
Coincidentally green is a HUGE color this season.

Total win, win!

What do ya think!??

Not to shabby for my first sew along-ish type thing! (Don't mind her she is just doing her "Top Model" pose.)

My smashing model really liked this style too! See, here is that spiffy patchwork I was telling you about....

 I might just need to make another one in a more "Hannah" color, aka, pink or something of the sort, so she will actually wear it!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Mess Easter Egg Decorating

We found an awesome way to decorate eggs this year. Most importantly with NO MESS! I am not a big fan of the get a hundred cups out, and make a huge mess situation.

 I also have to admit, I am kind if a slacker when it comes to doing Easter stuff. Not sure why I slack off. Maybe because I am a partial holiday scrooge. - I know, who knew? I love holidays but they always seem to be so much work for this working mamma of two. So I need short cuts!!!
I did make an Easter wreath for the front door, so that's that, and we also made these awesome eggs!

Here is how we did it!

All you do is make small designs on your egg. Or really draw ANYTHING you want!

That's IT!
 I find that if you want a more sophisticated egg that you should just repeat one pattern and use one color.

Perfect for the 4-6 age group, and up! I LOVED this project!
And so did my 5 year old...

Hannah and I were arguing over who would do the last egg.

We used permanent markers so if you do try this with little, little kids, see if washable markers work.
Daddy even did an egg with us....see....

.... His choice of "pattern" Humpty Dumpty.

Be careful though, we had one casualty. :(

Aren't they cute?

Hannah insisted on doing one with "ocean creatures and mermaids."

So much fun and NO MESS!

PS- The BIC Permanent markers were on sale at Target this week. $5.99 for this whole pack (14 total) and the colors and brightness were awesome!
Happy Decorating!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Skirt for Me or a Window Accent?

I have such a fabric addiction. Good for me but not me storage space or my wallet! I bought some fabric last week with the intent to make a fold over clutch with it, but then decided that maybe it would be better used for something else?

 I really like the navy trend that is going on now, I think I have like 4 new navy blue colored shirts in my closet. Whoops! Anyways, the fabric I got was this:

 I wish it came in navy and mint but I can't seem to find that anywhere!

At first I thought it was too coarse for a skirt, but then I thought, well it may be perfect?! Maybe?
I really don't know, this is going to be a trial and error type of scenario.

 It's described as: "Screen printed on cotton duck , this versatile, medium weight fabric is perfect for window accents" Hmm.... Maybe I don't want to wear a window panel as a skirt? --- Yikes!

But wait, lets just try this..... Come back to see if I was successful, or if I needed to try something else! ;)

I love cliff hangers, don't you?


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 Forever21 Tanks Became...

I often get questions from friends who want to sew, but don't really yet and have basic questions about how much fabric they might need for a project. Some of my friends are seriously afraid of the cutting counter at Joann's and other fabric stores. Maybe it's because they are always in a rush to cut your fabric and not too interested in helping....whoops, that wasn't nice now was it?

Well this one is super simple to figure out! You don't have to go to a cutting counter. Nope- no sir.
Want to make a dress for $7.60?
I used this tutorial here to make this adorable knit dress for Hannah. I wasn't able to make it to the fabric store and was out at forever21 for some fun shopping.
I came across these awesome tanks that they sell at Forever21 for a minimal $3.80 each!!! I picked up a few because even the 3X tanks were $3.80!!! Insanely cheap! (You gotta buy the 3X to get the most bang for your buck.)
The best part is that I only needed two of these to make my girl this dress! I picked up 3 total and used 2 for Hannah's dress that I made in a size 5- I sized up the pattern in the tutorial. I used the other tank for the bottom of a color block tunic for me!!!!
So awesome because I was not only able to get this knit for super cheap, but I was able to make two items, and also use the existing hem from the shirt for the bottom of the dress and the bottom of my tunic!

Win, win, win!

Excuse my math there, I am 40 cents off. Whoops. I am not a mathematician! Sheesh! 

Isn't it cute?
 (Sorry for the TP in the back round, a girl's gotta do, to get a good pic of herself!) I made my tunic using an existing one I had, just turned it inside out and made my own pattern. It was a little hard to hem the arm holes and around the neck, I intend to try something different next time but I really love it!
Hannah loves hers too!

 I think she is going to use the dress for a cover-up this summer at the pool!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Button

Thinking about creating a button for Odds of Pink....
Which do you like?

This?  - OPTION 1

How about this?  - OPTION 2

Or this? OPTION 3

How about this? OPTION 4
Comment below to tell me what you fancy!!!! Or, hmmm should I go a totally different direction? Any graphic designers out there who want to take a stab at it?
Have at it!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Family Portrait

Every get kinda tired of photographs? I love photos, I love pictures of my kids and family but I kinda feel like all I have around the house are photographs. This needed to change my friends.
We have this great friend, Chris Campbell. He has been going to school for the past few years for art. I am not sure exactly what to call it but he does all sorts of amazing drawings, uses the computer, that kind of thing. His style is unique and can't be found anywhere else!
 (Chris, you will have to correct me later on what its actually called!)
Anyways, I asked if he would put together a simple drawing of our family. Of course my family is the most precious thing to me, and anything he came up with, I would love.
Well I was completely OVERJOYED when I saw what he made us. One of the most amazing peices of art in my home:

Isn't it truly beautiful? It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it.

 Some of you may know we waited for Emmaline for years, after a tragic loss, and to see all of us finally together in this medium, just means so much more than anything in the world.

Thank you Chris for capturing our family so beautifully!

If you are interested in having Chris do a family portrait for you, email me at: and I will get you in contact with him.

He works on an hourly rate, and let me tell you it is worth every penny!


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ruffled Bottom Sun Suit Romper

It took all my will power not to title the post Ruffle Butt Sun Suit! He he he .... I always called them "Ruffle Butts", but maybe in blog world "bottom" is a more appropriate word? I have no idea what the etiquette is BUT I will shout- I LOVE RUFFLE BUTTS! Whether they are on a pair of bloomers, or the back of pants or on a sun suit I love them. End of story, done. It was actually one of the many things I thought about when I was pregnant with Emmie.  "Oh my gosh I can make her ruffle butts!"

Hannah is too old for them, so I plan on totally going all out with ruffles this summer for Em, after all, she is the perfect age for them! She will be 1 on June 8th and I am so excited to dress her in all sorts of fun stuff this summer.
I couldn't stand waiting any longer to put something together with ruffles on the bottom, so what did I do? I scoured Etsy for a fun pattern! I thought I could have maybe drafted the pattern myself but I have a lot of friends with little girls that may be interested in these and I wanted to have a nice pattern to use to get sizes super accurate so I could add them to the shop.
When I came across this pattern, from littlelizardking on etsy. I had to have it. I contacted the seller and asked about the pattern pieces. I despise don't like to print a ton of pattern pieces. I like a pattern that I can print on one page and the rest are measurements that are provided. I am kinda lazy when it comes to keeping my patterns tidy so I like the one pagers! Wow, was I in luck here, - this pattern only had one piece AND there was no shirring involved.
I have a Brother sewing machine that I love dearly but she can't shirr so well, honestly she totally  sucks at it. So I prefer to go the elastic casing route!
I am SO ecstatic at the results:

I love the vintage-y feel of it!

I am also quite pleased with my fabric choices. They were really just fabric that I was like, "I don't really like you, not sure why you are in my stash, but I want to try this pattern out and you'll have to do."

By the way,- babies are WAY hard to photograph. At one point, I had to hide her Binky's to get her to kneel like this.

She is a mover and a shaker these days. I know she is thinking - "Mom, I am outta here!"


On your mark, get set, go!!!!!

Ahh, here we go- sittin pretty for the camera! Could you not eat those chunker legs? I love her so!

So what do you think? Would you put your girly in one of these? If you all are interested I will add some to the shop! I just can't resist them! I think I may make her one in every size so I can eat up all the ruffles as long as possible.


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