This is me, Lauren
I have always known how to sew. I was lucky enough to have a patient grandmother who let me practice on her sewing machine and show me the ropes of how it was done when I was young!

My grandmother Darlene was a prize winning seamstress, who I always looked up to. When I was little I remember her sitting behind me as I worked on small projects like a pillow or a little change purse, always telling me to "go slow", or "watch rounding that corner"...."take that pin out". My grandmother is amazing, and still sews to this day! I give her much thanks and love for teaching me this great skill.

I have always been crafty and have a natural need to make things beautiful. I started my etsy shop that you can find here, when I got back into sewing in my mid twenties, after I had my frst daughter. I started with small items like burp cloths and baby blankets and bags, and a skirt here and there. After a few months passed I made my first few sales on Etsy, and started to get requests for little girls clothing from a few of my friends. The items came out so beautiful and professional looking that I decided to add more and more to the shop. Now it's all I like to do. Sew, style, sell! Not to mention my daughter Hannah LOVED wearing everything I made, (and I loved buying fabric)

The rest is history!

I have 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing husband!

We are SO blessed.

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