Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Run and Play- Week One Sew Along

This week starts the first week in Project Run and Play. I don't know too much about it, but loved the themes they had going on so I decided to try to sew along for this one. I am not sure I can do the rest but this theme was F-U-N.

 The theme was "Inspired by Art."
"Choose an artist, art movement, or artwork and create a children's look inspired by your choice."

 Not only do I love art, but I love history and I love a challenge.

I have always liked Pablo Picasso. Really just liked, not so much love. He was pretty amazing. I can identify with him as he changed so much throughout his creative career. I feel like I have changed creatively so much in the last few years.

Anywho, when I came across this painting I thought it might just be perfect for this weeks theme.
It is called "Woman in a green hat"
He painted it in 1947.

What else came out in full force in the 1940's?

 None other then the fantastic peplum top/skirt.

This all fell together nicely because I have been wanting to try to make a dress/top with a peplum skirt.

Here were my results.

The "Pablo Inspired Peplum."
I just so happened to have a few fat quarters left of some if this Amy Butler fabric and it was the perfect color to go with my inspiration. I paired it with black for the underskirt which is connected to the top, (so you could say this is a dress; one of those tricky, is it a dress or a top outfits??!!) and used the black on the back for some contrast. There is also a pretty detail in the front, with the added contrasting yolk. The back also has some spiffy patchwork across the bottom of the peplum. And the back bodice closes with a cute overlay. 
Coincidentally green is a HUGE color this season.

Total win, win!

What do ya think!??

Not to shabby for my first sew along-ish type thing! (Don't mind her she is just doing her "Top Model" pose.)

My smashing model really liked this style too! See, here is that spiffy patchwork I was telling you about....

 I might just need to make another one in a more "Hannah" color, aka, pink or something of the sort, so she will actually wear it!

For behind the scenes photos follow me on INSTAGRAM: Laurosario


  1. Loved it!!! You really put it together! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks so much!!!!! I LOVED this theme!!!!

  3. Wow well done its gorgeous!!!

  4. This is GREAT!! I LOVE it!! Wonderful job! :)

  5. Love this idea! Can't wait to see what your readers make from their inspiration pieces!

  6. You all are SO kind!!! Thank you SO SO SO much!!!!

  7. Love it! I want that top in my size :)

  8. I love what you did with this one!
    Love that color too:)

  9. I LOVE this! What a great inspiration idea! And that top photo is AWESOME! Thank you for sewing along!!!
    ps---I love that green top!

  10. This is super fun! I love your interpretation, and your photo shoot is pretty spectacular too! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us on the linky!
    with love,

  11. I love your interpretation! Looks awesome.

  12. Thank you SO much everyone! I had so much fun doing this! I SO appreciate all the love you are leaving me! xoxo- L

  13. Love the peplum top and the colors..great job!

  14. A girl can never go wrong with a great hat (and the top is cute too). Good work.