Monday, September 16, 2013

Model in Training - Shoot 2

Well I tried ..... I tried to get her to like it, and stand still, but it aint happenin'
I have to admit, she loves putting the clothes on. She wears whatever I make her, happily! But she JUST WON'T STAND STILL.
Who am I kidding? It took Hannah, suckers, M&M's, and marsh mellows, to get a decent shot.
I think Miss Emmaline needs a little more time. There is a learning curve to this! I mean, what 15 month old wants to be still and have her picture taken?
Not mine!
As you can see, this shoot was a total disaster.... crying, I even gave her a bracelet to play with. You know the kind with elastic that kids her age love to pull on and almost break.... It didn't do a darn thing.
This was the best shot I got, and she is still crying. ...... I feel bad but it isn't like torture! Seriously, it takes less than 1 minute to get a picture!
Then, a light bulb went on. Just let her be in her natural state. At this age we aren't going to have the perfect photo shoot, or backround, she isn't age bribe -able at this point. He he he ....
That's when I got the good pictures,THEN,... and when I put Sesame Street on, and she saw her fave, Elmo! 
She says, "E-mo!!! E - mo!!!! E-mo!!!"
These came out so gorgeous, and all I needed to do was be patient and let her do her own thing.
I love this one, so classic.
So there you have it folks... want to get better pics of your kid in the stuff you make them, or just a good frame able picture? Let them do their OWN THING! Who cares if there is a toy cookie jar in the backround.... I captured her face, in a total state of beauty!
 If only I really had a photography biz. I love doing this stuff!

The dress, by the way, is just something I whipped up with some Michael Miller Neo Dot Lemon.
I bought about 2 yards of it thinking I would make myself a dress, but then I opted to use it for Emmaline instead. I just did a plain round neck bodice with a circle skirt that dips in the front and back. I attached 2 huge black buttons on the back for some contrast.

 I am really into tunics for myself and the girls these days, and I LOVE the way this one turned out. (Excuse the no bottoms in this picture, it isn't really meant to be a dress, and someone wouldn't put her pants on.)The dip in the front and back was really an error because I didn't cut the circle part of the skirt correctly, BUT I ended up liking my mistake better than my original intention!

We only have a few more hot days here in Columbus, so I wanted to get the most out of making Emmie small, sleeveless stuff while I can. they are only little once! I do think this top/tunic will last us a while. We will be able to layer it in the winter with a cardigan, or a shrug and leggings and it's just as cute! Almost forgot, the belt is just an add on of some watermelon chevron I had on hand that I sometimes use as a headband too! You can get chevron knit over at Girl Charlee, but I think they are out of this color. :( They have tons of other options!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

American Girl Party!

This past week was my little pumpkin's (Hannah's) 6th birthday.
How in the heck is she already 6!??
 I feel like not too long ago we found out we were expecting her. Time really flies.
I am a big fan of smaller birthday bashes so I really wanted to do something super fun, but with only a few girls. Hannah is into American Girl these days and Columbus just got an American Girl Store this summer..... so we planned it for there!
She has only had her doll for about a year. It was a gift from her little sister Emmie when she was born. We didn't want Hannah to feel left out in anyway when Emmie came along so we did the sibling gift. There are 4 1/2 years between them and we thought it was the perfect gift. At times McKenna (the doll) can be expensive but it gives Hannah something to look forward to when we pick out a new item for her, or do her hair, or she takes her along for a walk and puts McKenna in her stroller.
We were able to invite 2 girls to the party. They have parties for groups of 4, and then 10-12 people but the larger parties are geared towards 8-12 year olds, so we opted for the smaller version. I was the adult at the table and then it was Hannah, and her friends Hailey and Evelyn.
The scenery in front of the store is just gorgeous. Easton is lovely in the summertime but this store is really something special, with fountains and frogs out front it is the perfect spot for a great little photo op!
Before the party started the girls were able to tour the store and look around at all the fun dolls and accessories. The store has anything and everything for the dolls and it is set up like a museum so you can just look and look and look until your little heart is happy!
The girls really enjoyed this. The dolls are set up in cars, on horses, in tents, and on little beds. They also have all of the old school American girl dolls that I remember from when I was little... the historic ones. I think I had a book about Samantha, but never had a doll. Did any of you have the doll when you were little? It seems like AG has become an American phenomenon over the past 15-20 years. 
After we looked around the store for about 30 minutes we sat down to a very girly, pink, lovely little lunch. Oh and if you didn't have a doll, they let you borrow one! Every doll gets a little highchair to sit at the table, or you can bring a stuffed animal or a doll of your own to join in on the party!
All of the girls got to order a drink, and appetizer, AND a meal,...... which would be followed by Gluten Free Cake!  Yes, you heard me correctly! The best part of this meal and one of the reasons that I even scheduled this party here, was because the American Girl Bistro was so accommodating to Hannah's Celiac Disease and diet.
 For those of you who might not know, Hannah was diagnosed when she was 5 years old with Celiac Disease. She must eat gluten free for every meal, to avoid damage to her intestines, and to ensure nutritional absorption. It is not a curable disease, she will have to eat this way for life. It was VERY refreshing and almost brought tears to my eyes that they were so accommodating with meal choices and the cake, and ALL GLUTEN FREE!!!! (& no extra charge too!)
Hannah had the best time sharing these special moments with her friends. We are so glad they could join us!
We can't wait to do it again when she is a little older!
Group shot!
Cheers to Hannah! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday sweet girl! We hope you had a VERY special day!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Model in Training

 Babies are too funny! Especially mine. Emmaline just started to take over her sisters modeling duties for my little etsy shop, 
I just can't get enough of sewing these days and I really neglected the shop this summer so I needed to kick things into gear for the fall. My infinity scarves did so well last year and there was such high demand for them that I decided to make more this year!
What goes along with new infinity scarves? -- New pictures, naturally.
 So here is the sequence of events that happens when I try to take Emmie's picture.
#1- Shock
She doesn't quite know what is going on but she knows she is wearing a foreign object and that mom has a big black thing around her neck. She also is quite still for the first picture, she isn't too sure what to expect next.
#2- Smiles 
 This does not always occur but almost every second photo I take of this child in a photo session is clear and usable. Fortunately, in this picture she is all SMILES! Love it! Good job baby girl!
#3- Horseplay
Once she realizes she is in this for a reason, other than to play, she climbs around and makes my job totally crazy. On this occasion I think she was going for her football/linebacker pose.
#4- Utter Embarrassment
Need I say more? Whatcha digging for?

All in all, I think she is learning and doing a great job! It is pretty hard to get her to stand still. Being 15 months means constant movement until nap/bedtime.

To get one of these adorable scarves, visit here, they are SO cute for fall, and they really add something unique to any outfit your little one owns.

OH! I almost forgot!

In addition to the scarves, I also have a few new items out there for the ladies. These are so awesome, they are a clutch that can be used for almost anything. The pattern is by, Michelle Patterns. I have made many bags from her patterns in the past and they are all totally awesome... Anyways, me, still having a kid in diapers, and who wants to be stylin' would use it as a diaper clutch, but it is also great for girls night out, or date night with your man! It has a normal large pocket in the inside but also a tiny little secret pocket in front, perfect for your smaller items, but doesn't jeopardize the classiness of the clutch look. Go take a look over here!

SUPER cute eh?


Right now the shop has these prints available but I will soon be adding a pink and a yellow version. These are great as gifts too!

Happy Wednesday all!
XOXOX- Lauren