Monday, April 1, 2013

Project Run & Play Week 2

I had time to do Week 2! Yippee!
The theme was, "The Riley Blake Chevron Week---Create a children's design where a chevron pattern is featured."


I have to say, I am a totally little over the chevron trend BUT I was excited to make something other than a dress with chevron in it.
So what did I come up with? Skinny pants and a circle top.

Here is the whole look all together.

I really love the way it turned out, more than anything that you could buy right now in the stores.... Why don't the main stream shops make this kinda stuff? Duh!!?

I really love the look of skinny jeans or pants on a little girl.
There is something so trendy and feminine about it. I took it a step futher by making the pants not only skinny but with a flat front, (sorry, I didn't get a good picture of this but I promise, the front is flat) and a bit of bias detailing at the bottom of each pant leg.

I challenged myself a bit this week too. I used an existing pair of pants that fit her kind of skinny, as a pattern and made them just a tad more skinny on the bottom of each pant leg for this look. At one point though, it was a hold your breath and cut kind of a situation because I didn't really know if my pattern was going to fit her the way I intented.


Also, instead of just hemming the pants, (which I am TOTALLY over these days- or adding a silly ruffle) I opted for black bais tape to show some contrast. I LOVE how they turned out.
Normally I would have used a little more color in my designs but this was the only chevron fabric I had in my stash and I really like the contrast of just black and white. It's soooooo classy!

We all know I LOVE the classic looks, after all I did win an award in my college sorority for the classiest Kappa! He he he ...

I also wanted a simple top to pair with the pants. I was orignally going to go with something a little more fitted, that could be tucked in, but this is what came out of my creative endevor this week, so I ran with it. I was inspired by THIS , and I have to say it's a super cute little design!

I think now that I have the pattern down I could try and make her some in kelly green or something. I am into green these days.

It's so cute, eh?

Thanks for reading along everyone!

 I adore reading your comments, so leave me some LOVE!!!
I know you guys are out there! Wink, wink...


PS- I made the necklace too, SUPER easy. I'll tell you about that another day :)

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  1. Super cute and trendy!

    -Ash P

  2. The pants are so cute! I love the style of them. :D

  3. I love that you turned the chevron sideways. This outfit is adorable. I think I might even like it in my size!

  4. Loved it! I really like the classy look of black and white, I personally use that a lot in my sewing... and blue...oh my, do I sew a lot of blue!

  5. Thanks all for your love!!!!! I truly apprciate all your lovely feedback!!! xoxox

  6. Love the black and white and on these pants...ADORABLE!!! They are so cute!