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I used to love this quilt. We have had it in our bedroom for a while now. But one morning I woke up and was like, "This has GOT to go!" Not sure why, but I just decided that I hated it. Not only that, I hated the whole bedroom, pillows, side lamps, everything. So I decided the whole darn bedroom needed a facelift.

This is how I went:

First, I consulted the hubs on fabric. He wasn't too keen on looking at one of my favorite fabric websites for a few hours minutes with me. But he likes to give his imput on how we decorate our home. We came up with a few prints we liked. We weren't sure which we were going to use for sure but we were positive that we liked them all!

We ended up using all of these except for the lime green Maasai Mara print and the Amy Butler print. Oh, and did I mention that all of that fabric was under $45 bucks - I think I got about a yard of each, except for the Poodle Marnie. That was on sale. I got 2 yards of that. And the Claridge was a pretty price home dec print so I just got half a yard of that. 
 I love to scavenge (Is that a word?) for coupons and this time it paid off. I think I got about 15% off this order.  To find their coupons just google coupons. A lot should come up that you can use if you aren't a regular customer who uses everyone she finds.

I was able to do so much with all of it: 
  • Made 2 average size throw pillows (18 x 18)
  • * (Tip: all you need is 1/2 a yard of fabric and a 18" zipper to make one 18x18 throw pillow)
  • I covered a mini lamp shade
  • Made 1 large throw pillow, about the size of a standard pillow
  • Made 2  standard size pillow cases.
  • I also have scraps left over to make more stuff! - that will come in future posts!
Other Supplies:
  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Thread - I used whatever I have in my machine at the time.
  3. 3 zippers - From but you can get them at Joanns for about a buck each.
  4. West Elm- Thank you very much for putting the gorgeous gray and white striped duvet on sale that I splurged on!  - I think it was like $139.00? --- Whoops. You only do this once in a while right? It's worth it. And you spend more time sleeping than doing anything else in your life, you deserve nice bedding.
  5. Hot glue gun - On hand
  6. 1 can of white spray paint - $3.95 (the kind with the primer built in)
  7. 2 plain lamp shades from Lowes - about $6.00 each
How totally cool is all of that? You can do a super easy bedroom face -lift for under $200.
Here is how it all came together.
Throw pillows all nice and neat. All together it probably took me an hour to sew all of them.Basically, if you can sew a straight line, you can make a pillow, I did these with zipper closures. Which I have to admit I was scared of at first but after thinking about it for a while it was so simple. I plan to make all future pillows with zipper closures now.
See, the zipper is on the side all nice pretty!
Covered this $4.00 lamp shade from Hobby was the kind that comes with this sticky stuff on the shade, you just pull off the outside sitcker part, trace the pattern that comes with it onto your fabric and then carefully attach the fabric to the shade. I used a hot glue gun to get the edges to stay down. This was one of those PITA (know what I am sayin') parts of the project but the end shade is custom- and SO cute!

In addition to that lamp,  I spray painted the side lamps white and replaced the shades. They used to be black and had French-like lamp shades on them. These are just simple shades from Lowes.
I love custom pillow cases. Occasionally, I will buy new pillow cases at Marshall's or TJ Maxx if they are on sale, but I wanted new ones to pop under the gray and white West Elm shams.  Pillow cases are SO easy to sew. Just a few straight stitches. I love to do them burritto style because then all the seams are enclosed. Just google burrito pillow case tutorial and a ton of directions come up.its a super easy project for the beginner seamstress!
When it was all done, it looked like this.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the end result!!! My fabulous friend from my NBC days (who is now a big wig at HGTV) even said it looked great- TOTAL HONOR!! He has an amzing blog over at Decor Demon. He is fab, check him out!
Tootles for today my friends!

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