Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KCW Day 4 & Bonus Pleated Kids Knit Skirt Tutorial

I am super sorry about the quality of the pictures in this tutorial, but the lighting in my house was terrible today. We had some snow in central Ohio and the sky has been super overcast. I hate to admit it but this is an (mostly) iphone post in terms of the tutorial. I know, I know I am sorry people! :(
 I haven't done a tutorial in a few months and thought I better get back on the wagon and put something together for you lovely readers... AND its Kids Clothes Week. Perfect timing.
This is the look for today.... for KCW

And this is the look with the skirt I am going to show you how to make. I have to say it turned out cute but not as short and tight as I wanted it. All the better though I guess... I don't want to be putting my 6 year old in a skin tight animal print skirt! He he he.

Do ya wonder why I chose a thermal knit for Miss Hannah today? Well her "blankie" since she was just a few days old is made from a light pink thermal knit. She has a total connection to the
stuff, so when I saw that Girl Charlee had some of this in a cute black/white bow print, I had to have some!
The skirt is another story. I bought this fabric from Denver Fabrics thinking it would be soft and somewhat sweater-y--- (perfect for a Bimaa Sweater.) BOY WAS I WRONG. This stuff is that scratchy jersey knit I don't like, honestly I don't know what is really called.... but for the purposes of this skirt, (and some leggings I made myself from it), it worked just fine.
On to the TUTORIAL!

First, I just want to say I really kinda winged it with this one. I wanted a cute simple skirt for Han to wear with her latest Bimaa Sweater. The skirt is really just 2 rectangles cut to the size listed below. Super simple folks
about a 1/2 yard of your favorite knit with good stretch
Sewing Machine
Ballpoint needle
* Note: I did not use any elastic or buttons or a zipper. The stretch in the band of the skirt is enough to hold this cute little skirt up.
Here are the measurements I used for about a size 7/8 (but it turned out too big I think)
Band: 21 inches x 3 inches
Skirt: 13 inches long x 44 wide
Step One: Take the short ends of the skirt piece and sew a French seam down the side.
What that means is, wrong sides together, trim excess seam allowance, and then sew right sides together.
This will encase the raw edges of the fabric. I most often use it when I am sewing with quilters cotton, but you can use it on knits too.
Step 3: Pleat the front of the skirt as you would like it to lay. I did one large pleat but you could do a few small ones. Once you have it how you like it pin, and stay stitch it in place.
Step 4: Take the top band of your skirt piece and sew right sides together. Once it is sewed together you will fold the top of the band down to meet the raw edge of the other side. You will be putting the wrong sides together. (Note* the band will be smaller than the top of your skirt, but this is correct) You want the top band to be smaller so you can stretch it to fit on the base of the skirt. The top band will act as elastic.
Step 5: Attach the skirt band to the top of your skirt. Line up your seams and start in the back of the skirt. I like to pin all three layers here and start to sew... pulling the band very taut while letting the skirt part flow through the machine naturally. You only want to pull on the band.
Step 6: Flip the band up and you are done!  

 I have mixed emotions about this skirt.... it came out a little big for the look I was going for, but like I said earlier I kinda just winged it.  Cut; and started sewing not thinking too much about measurements... I think Hannah will definitely wear it... probably just not this fall season.

So since I didn't like the skirt that much I stuck a pair of bright yellow jean shorts on her from Target that I think I got for like 5.99. I think they look adorable with the sparkly leggings and her thermal Bimaa Sweater.
This is really the "punk" look I was going for. 
She is so serious these days. 
She even asked me if she could sleep with this shirt! This kid is too funny! I think that's enough permission to buy more thermal knit!


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