Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week - Day 2

Ok first off, this is my first time signing up for KCW, (KIDS CLOTHES WEEK) and wow what a gorgeous little website these folks have! I love it!
I have to say I didn't intend on posting anything until I realized I had a ton of projects I was working on that I have not blogged about, that would be perfect for this week, AND- I sewed them this week.... well almost all of them! - Motivation in full swing folks!
On to the good stuff.

First let me say this post has 2 projects in it. Its a two-fer! Reason being is that it is difficult to get  individual pictures of my girls. Well, let me re-phrase that, its difficult to get individual pictures of my little Emmie, - she's 16 months.

'nuf said.
Exhibit A:
(oldest is in perfect model mode, and youngest can't stand still.)

Exhibit B:
 (total 'tude from the little one)

Anyways, onto the project. My main motivation for these two pieces was:

1) Hannah needed a new trendy shirt for her uncles wedding in November. The wedding is going to be held in "hipster central", aka, Austin Texas. I figured a cute trendy knit print would suit this need perfectly.

 2) Emmie needed a new long sleeve shirt!.

The flowy yet structured design of the skipper top was perfect for this. I have been leaving out the pocket detail in the last few of these I have made. I think it is just as cute, if not cuter without it. I also didn't have quite as much fabric as I needed for this top to be on the longer side so I shortened it and also added a skinnier band around the bottom. It came out super cute and will also go well with skinny jeans and a jean jacket for the plane ride. Ikat has to be perfect for Austin, right?

Pattern: Skipper Top
Sewn by: Oddsofpink
Fabric used: GirlCharlee Knit can be found here (they may not have this exact print anymore but have tons of other options just like it!)

As far as Emmies top, I did make a Bimaa in my last post but this one is a bit different. I used the shawl collar option in a really cute animal print that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. (Advice/Side note: Don't waste your money on this fabric- Its kinda crappy....I won't be using this fabric in the future.) It didn't have quite as much stretch as a Bimaa needs. Unfortunately, I think Emmie will only be able to wear it a few times until she grows out of it. I even sized this one up for her, but this knit is coarse and not as stretchy as most knits. Still looks darn cute though!

Pattern: Bimaa Sweater
By: LouBeeClothing
Sewn by: Odds of Pink
Fabric: Animal Print knit from Hobby Lobby

 Both pieces came out adorable and they are SO wearable this fall/winter season. I love these patterns and they are so worth the money! If you are thinking about purchasing them, do it, you won't regret it.
You all know I love a good black and white photograph.......
Hannah is SUCH a good big sister! Always willing to lend a helping hand!
That's all folks! 
 Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment if you choose. I adore reading your comments and love making new friends in the blog world!
Happy Sewing!
xoxo- L

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