Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Run and Play Week One- Winter Wonderland

Ok I am sorry AGAIN for being MIA but my little etsy shop  has been on the move. I was recently given an opportunity to send some items to an amazing hand made shop in Austin, Texas, Limbo Jewelry Design. You can find them here. More on that later, but, that's why I have not been in the blog world much lately. AND the holidays are just so dang much when you work full time, have two kids and run a little shop!
But I did put together a few accessories for PR&P for this weeks theme. Some of you may know my little Emmaline is SUCH a fan of headbands... she hates clips and bows but if I put a headband on her she seems to keep it on for hours!
 I think its because I put them on her shortly after she was born and never really stopped. I have seen these little knot headbands around, and decided I needed to figure out how they were constructed... turns out after pulling my hair out and throwing away a few attempts they are not that hard!
I wanted the headband to be one continuous piece and I also wanted the knot to be attached.... not one of those tie on types... which are totally great, don't get me wrong but I also wanted to keep her little ears warm if it was too warm out for a hat but she still needed something on her head.... so here is what I came up with:
Then of course my signature infinity scarf was made to match! She loves wearing scarves too! I am such a lucky mom to have a gal that loves accessories! I had to beg Hannah to wear this stuff!
 I think the black and white contrasting colors on a kiddo is SO adorable and classy!
Also, as you can see you can put the knot in the back and leave the headband as one straight band across the top. I think these are SO cute.
They are made from high quality knit from EurogirlsBoutique on Etsy. Fabulous little shop if you ever want some very high quality knits!
Here we go with the out takes..... blah!
Mug shot.... what's she in for? ---- throwing her cherrios on the floor and smashing them on purpose!
Mom, can I be done now?
The serious side of Emmaline.
Ok I guess this isn't half bad.
 Thanks for reading....  I hope to be able to post in next weeks theme!

XOXOX- Lauren




  1. She is such a doll! That headband is a great idea. Love the black and white and agree that it is very classy!

  2. What a sweet heart! I always love pink with polkadots!
    Great job Momma!
    with love,

  3. awww I love the baby scarf ;o) I also linked up to Project Run and Play... a bathrobe I made for my son!