Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bimaa Sweater

Well hello there!

I haven't seen you lovelies for a while!
 I am glad to jump right in today with my new favorite pattern!
The Bimaa Sweater pattern by LouBeeclothing.
I purchased the pattern from a little etsy shop along with the Doli Tank pattern. I was going to go ahead and get the sew fab bundle of patterns but I decided that I didn't need like 29 patterns so I went ahead and got just the ones I didn't have anything like in my stash.
Lately I have been totally addicted to knits, there are so many new knit prints out there, and wow are they awesome. I have to say, I really get disappointed in the clothing options at Carters, Osh Kosh, and the things Target carries. Not to mention, your kid ends up looking like everyone else when you shop there. Ok maybe that is being too harsh on those retailers. I guess I just prefer making my own trendy stuff for my kids and only paying the cost of fabric. And how cool is it that when you sew you get control over every little detail, you also get to tell people, "YES! I made that!"

On to the pattern.... It is really a great fit, and such a cute design. I made one in a size 2t for my little 16 month old Emmie, and then I made a 6t (but sized up a bit) for my 6 year old Hannah.  Both of them fit the girls really well, the 2t sleeves were a tad long on E, so on Hannah's I shortened them. She is a big artist and she needs them shorter anyways, artists are always rolling their sleeves up!
The only part I didn't like about the pattern was cutting all the pieces out. But that is just my personal pickiness, and couldn't be avoided. I don't like the cutting stage of any project really. I love to choose the fabric, sew, style and photograph... cutting isn't my fav. There are quite a few pieces to the pattern too- 2 sleeves, 2 cowls, front, back, and then the binding for the sleeves and bottom of shirt - 9 total- BUT it is totally worth it for the cuteness that comes from it. Sarah of LoubeeClothing Patterns really did a great job of putting this adorable top together. Oh - did I mention there isn't just a cowl option but a collar, and a hood option? TOTAL SCORE! It is like 3 patterns in one. AND, if you are a little more advanced, you can also make each of these sleeveless, just add binding and leave out the sleeves. With different fabric choices, this pattern can last you all year long! 
All in all I LOVED IT! I will definitely be using it again.   
Have a great rest of your weekend all!


  1. I love it! The cowl, the stripes, the length...everything! I think I need to get hold of this pattern!

  2. I love the Bimaa in a stripe. It looks so great. I have Bimaa on my list but I'm not sure I'm going to have enough time to make it