Monday, September 16, 2013

Model in Training - Shoot 2

Well I tried ..... I tried to get her to like it, and stand still, but it aint happenin'
I have to admit, she loves putting the clothes on. She wears whatever I make her, happily! But she JUST WON'T STAND STILL.
Who am I kidding? It took Hannah, suckers, M&M's, and marsh mellows, to get a decent shot.
I think Miss Emmaline needs a little more time. There is a learning curve to this! I mean, what 15 month old wants to be still and have her picture taken?
Not mine!
As you can see, this shoot was a total disaster.... crying, I even gave her a bracelet to play with. You know the kind with elastic that kids her age love to pull on and almost break.... It didn't do a darn thing.
This was the best shot I got, and she is still crying. ...... I feel bad but it isn't like torture! Seriously, it takes less than 1 minute to get a picture!
Then, a light bulb went on. Just let her be in her natural state. At this age we aren't going to have the perfect photo shoot, or backround, she isn't age bribe -able at this point. He he he ....
That's when I got the good pictures,THEN,... and when I put Sesame Street on, and she saw her fave, Elmo! 
She says, "E-mo!!! E - mo!!!! E-mo!!!"
These came out so gorgeous, and all I needed to do was be patient and let her do her own thing.
I love this one, so classic.
So there you have it folks... want to get better pics of your kid in the stuff you make them, or just a good frame able picture? Let them do their OWN THING! Who cares if there is a toy cookie jar in the backround.... I captured her face, in a total state of beauty!
 If only I really had a photography biz. I love doing this stuff!

The dress, by the way, is just something I whipped up with some Michael Miller Neo Dot Lemon.
I bought about 2 yards of it thinking I would make myself a dress, but then I opted to use it for Emmaline instead. I just did a plain round neck bodice with a circle skirt that dips in the front and back. I attached 2 huge black buttons on the back for some contrast.

 I am really into tunics for myself and the girls these days, and I LOVE the way this one turned out. (Excuse the no bottoms in this picture, it isn't really meant to be a dress, and someone wouldn't put her pants on.)The dip in the front and back was really an error because I didn't cut the circle part of the skirt correctly, BUT I ended up liking my mistake better than my original intention!

We only have a few more hot days here in Columbus, so I wanted to get the most out of making Emmie small, sleeveless stuff while I can. they are only little once! I do think this top/tunic will last us a while. We will be able to layer it in the winter with a cardigan, or a shrug and leggings and it's just as cute! Almost forgot, the belt is just an add on of some watermelon chevron I had on hand that I sometimes use as a headband too! You can get chevron knit over at Girl Charlee, but I think they are out of this color. :( They have tons of other options!


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