Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Instagram Project

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram. I am kind of  TOTALLY addicted. Not only do I love taking pictures of my family, and the stuff I make for them, but I love to manipulate the photos on IG! When you use the app you get to add all these cool filters to your pictures. It makes them look 10 times better.  It is an awesome way to document your life, and share with others the cool stuff you do everyday, and also have a kind of photo journal to remember special or just ordinary stuff.

Since I am addicted to IG, I have a lot of pictures, to say the least. I have been wanting to think of a way to display these pictures in a non-college apartment kind of way. So--- I found this cool app that will print your pictures to a local walgreens and the pictures come out 4x4 just like they are formatted in Instagram. It is called Printacular.
And guess what? My Walgreens had no idea what they were doing when I sent them my IG photos through the app, and it took like 3 days to get my photos back and they gave them to me for FREE!
Anyways, want to see what you need to do this?
1 - Of course you have to have an Instagram account set up and photos taken on it to be able to print them.
2- An old picture frame without the glass or backing. I used one that we found in Glenn's moms basement that had the little tabs on the insides of it.  You will want a frame like this to hang the wire from.

3- Mini cloths pins that I bought from THIS etsy shop
Aren't these so cute?  (I even have some left over to make other fun stuff with)


4- Your printed 4x4 photos.
 I would say you need about 30-40 for a poster size frame - you can do this on a smaller scale if you have a smaller frame

5- Wire

6- Scissors or a wire cutter

So all you need to do is wrap the wire around the edges of the frame, on those little tab things that stick out that are there to hold the back onto the frame. You will want to string it from one side to another. You can go horizontal or vertical, whatever you think will look best in your space.
Then you just string your pictures across like you are hanging clothes on a clothes line and you are done!  I kinda alternated the photos so I wouldn't have too much of one color picture in one area... just kinda spread them out how you think they look best.
TIP:  If you want to change the color of your frame, spraypaint it and let it dry BEFORE you start this.... I wish I would have painted my frame but I may take it apart, spray it and then put it back up to get it to the color I want. For now this blue will do!

I hung it on the wall opposite the yellow stripes in my half bathroom, but now I am thinking about putting it in the hallway... that's why the light isn't that great in these photos, sorry! 
It was a super fun way to display all my pictures and you can change them out easily when you print more!
 Have fun! Send me a pic of yours if you do this!!!! I would love to see! Oh and if you want to follow me on Instagram my name is "Laurosario"
Have a great week all!

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  1. Super Cute!!! You can also get the mini clips at Michaels just in case you run out...