Monday, August 5, 2013


You all must think I am so totally nuts.... where has she been? I know I have mentioned in the past that I would be moving this summer but I never thought the days would go so fast and that I would have no time to check in. But I am still alive! Hooray!
Exhausted, but alive. My day job is taking a lot out of me and after work there is so much to be done with the girls and the new house. We thought this place was pretty perfect when we bought it, but turns out there are A LOT of things we want to update/renovate/change/clean.... but it will get there.
To start, I have painted a few killer walls with stripes....

 and bought some pretty cool Crate and Barrel rugs, cleaned the crap out of a pretty filthy new house (gross!).... so it has been fun but I just wish I could dedicate more time to decorating then not. Just doesn't feel like home until every inch has my touch.
And then there is time for sewing.... or NOT!  I have to tell you about the most adorable pattern I came across.   Bubble Pocket Shorts (by Elegance and Elephants) is what they are called, and they are SO adorable!

You can find the pattern here. I saw a lot of hype about them and pictures on Instagram, and decided that my littlest needed a pair..... so in the midst of updating, painting, cleaning, unpacking I sat up late one weekend night and made these suckers!(Side note: You want to follow me on Instagram? My name is Laurosario. I am set to private but don't let that scare you away just request to follow me)  --- SO CUTE!---- They came out so adorable that Hannah got a pair too! !
The worst part about this little project was cutting all the pieces.... if you decide to make these little shorts. I would definitely keep each of your pieces in piles with the pattern piece on the top to keep everything where it needs to be, and so you can tell all the parts apart.... there are 4 pieces on the front and 4 on the back plus pockets so if you mix up your cut pieces it can get a little crazy! But not as crazy as trying to photograph a 13 month old. :)

It might look like she is posing to show you her back side but really I think she was about to run away!
Aren't they so cute? They have plenty of room for back up binkys, cheerios, and maybe even a place for some little toys. Emmaline loves hers! Not sure how Hannah feels? She likes to match Emmie but she wasn't too keen on this design, she would rather be in a skirt.... oh well. I made her wear them for a day.... and I think they grew on her.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! My little ones sure are!

Thanks for hanging in there as I get back into the swing of things here!

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