Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Model in Training

 Babies are too funny! Especially mine. Emmaline just started to take over her sisters modeling duties for my little etsy shop, 
I just can't get enough of sewing these days and I really neglected the shop this summer so I needed to kick things into gear for the fall. My infinity scarves did so well last year and there was such high demand for them that I decided to make more this year!
What goes along with new infinity scarves? -- New pictures, naturally.
 So here is the sequence of events that happens when I try to take Emmie's picture.
#1- Shock
She doesn't quite know what is going on but she knows she is wearing a foreign object and that mom has a big black thing around her neck. She also is quite still for the first picture, she isn't too sure what to expect next.
#2- Smiles 
 This does not always occur but almost every second photo I take of this child in a photo session is clear and usable. Fortunately, in this picture she is all SMILES! Love it! Good job baby girl!
#3- Horseplay
Once she realizes she is in this for a reason, other than to play, she climbs around and makes my job totally crazy. On this occasion I think she was going for her football/linebacker pose.
#4- Utter Embarrassment
Need I say more? Whatcha digging for?

All in all, I think she is learning and doing a great job! It is pretty hard to get her to stand still. Being 15 months means constant movement until nap/bedtime.

To get one of these adorable scarves, visit here, they are SO cute for fall, and they really add something unique to any outfit your little one owns.

OH! I almost forgot!

In addition to the scarves, I also have a few new items out there for the ladies. These are so awesome, they are a clutch that can be used for almost anything. The pattern is by, Michelle Patterns. I have made many bags from her patterns in the past and they are all totally awesome... Anyways, me, still having a kid in diapers, and who wants to be stylin' would use it as a diaper clutch, but it is also great for girls night out, or date night with your man! It has a normal large pocket in the inside but also a tiny little secret pocket in front, perfect for your smaller items, but doesn't jeopardize the classiness of the clutch look. Go take a look over here!

SUPER cute eh?


Right now the shop has these prints available but I will soon be adding a pink and a yellow version. These are great as gifts too!

Happy Wednesday all!
XOXOX- Lauren

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