Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Here!

After much thought and consideration, I am here in dun, dun, dun......


(aka;the scariest place on earth). Period.

How did this happen? Sigh...

This is a very horrifyingly scary thing for me. BUT- I want to share, I want to create and I want to document all of the fun things I do and make. What better way than to start with a little old blog with little old me? I guess?! - Let's hope!  

So----here goes-  I am a working mamma of 2 beautiful girls and have an amazing husband.
I love to make things for them, and our home. I LOVE learning how to do new things, I love to read blogs and tutorials, and I love a good bargain! I also love to photograph and to style all of these things as I go! Oh and I love to post to Facebook, and I love to read your comments!

I also run an  etsy shop on the side, the Polka Dot Pear. Where most of my items are modeled by my slaves girls. :)

Hannah, 5 1/2:

Emmaline, or "Emmie Jo" - 9 months:

For years now I have wanted to try this thing out. So here I am- I am going to give this thing a whirl. This is me:

All I ask is that you respect me. I am creating this blog as a hobby, and because I want to document the things I do- and show you all of the crazy things I get myself into. If you have something negative to say- keep it to yourself - deal? Ok- that's settled.

P.S. In the coming weeks I plan to show you a bedroom redo, things I am sewing, how I come up with things to make my kids, deals and steals...... and
 much more!  


- Lauren